Love nation

Cut my heart and mind open,

And you see the Infinite Ocean flowing deep within.

I am in Love,

And Love in me.


How do you move 7 billion people to Love?

You put them on a blue marble in the center of your heart, and rotate the marble so that everyone gets a turn.

At least, that is how the Divine does it.

It is now time for re-creation: for Soul Seekers, the Liberated and Liberators to reveal and express radical harmony, our Love Nation, the true Infinite Spiritual nature of man and his at-one-ment with the Infinite One, God, Supreme Principle.

What does this mean for today?

Knowing this truth alone, and meditating on its reality is acting in the appropriate manner.

For now, knowing Reality is the necessary action.

Our beautiful (planet) home rests on the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Our home is Love Nation.

We might as well live life like citizens of Love instead of the deception that we are not.


What does it mean that so many of us have received a different spiritual truth?

I imagine that God wrote the entire human family one love letter. Then She sent a different section of that letter to the different parts of the world.

Why? So that, in our search for the other parts of this letter, the full Truth, we would discover and fall in love with each other – the full Truth. It’s a brilliant plan.

Yes, I know. I have a wild imagination. Guess where I got it from!

Welcome to Love nation, where everyone is loved by at least Someone else; where people communicate in various “Love Languages”; where people read, sing, imagine, and sometimes “eat, pray, love”.

It’s a most fascinating place!

Here, on Love nation, people cannot live without Love (and they never will).

Be sure to also experience our unique capital cities while you’re here – the next person you meet.

Please come again!