love meets every need

Two butterflies enter an open field,

There is only one of them there.

Is there enough room for both of them?

Whomever you meet today, there is infinite inner space to be with them…

To be with you.


Think of the way you feel when you see your beloved, eat your favorite food, or listen to that song that always touches your heart.

Close your eyes.

Imagine it.

Then magnify that feeling to your full potential.

Keep going.

Feel your head and heart burn a little.


Now¬†you have the smallest idea of the magnitude of the Infinite One’s unceasing Love for you.

How do you move 7 billion people to Love?

You put them on a blue marble in the center of your heart, and rotate the marble so that everyone gets a turn.

At least, that is how the Divine does it.

The day spoke to me while it was still waking up.

It said to tell you, “I am going to be absolutely perfect. So be ready!”

The Divine did an interesting thing to this vessel.

He filled it up with so much of him that Love seeps out through every crack.

Laugh all you want.


I bet you haven’t noticed that Love puddle at your feet.