Love meets all needs

If you can say, “I love this…,”

Then you have the capacity to love all the “thats” there are.

Love, how could I ask you for anything more?

After all, you have provided the ultimate experience of the Real, and have accepted me into that Reality – my first home.

To see you,

To be with you,

To be your vessel.

How could I ask for anything more?

Doesn’t the sun blesses all with its far-reaching rays? It is always at work, whether we like it or not.

We are Love’s rays, sent forth to fulfill our duty without partiality.  And Love’s rays do what Love does: love all, whether we like it or not.

Welcome to Love nation, where everyone is loved by at least Someone else; where people communicate in various “Love Languages”; where people read, sing, imagine, and sometimes “eat, pray, love”.

It’s a most fascinating place!

Here, on Love nation, people cannot live without Love (and they never will).

Be sure to also experience our unique capital cities while you’re here – the next person you meet.

Please come again!