love covers all

Love that which you fear to eliminate its effect on you.

If a snake, love that.

If your father or mother-in-law, Love them with as much intensity as you think you fear, or despise them.

Discover for yourself that Love covers all,

Love heals all.

Love is all.

Welcome to Love nation, where everyone is loved by at least Someone else; where people communicate in various “Love Languages”; where people read, sing, imagine, and sometimes “eat, pray, love”.

It’s a most fascinating place!

Here, on Love nation, people cannot live without Love (and they never will).

Be sure to also experience our unique capital cities while you’re here – the next person you meet.

Please come again!

When you love yourself, it means that you love all of you. You cannot say, “I love myself. I just don’t like my nose.” The same applies for others. It is not love that you speak when you say, “I love my family, it’s just my uncle I can’t stand,” or “I love humanity, but Donald Trump and ISIS are exempt. Love covers all.

The moment you become cynical about the place for love, fear wins. Injustice wins.

Love without justice is no love at all. If love has a heart, it is justice. Justice is fairness, and no one is exempt from it. Justice covers all.