knowing God

If you haven’t already, start taking diving lessons.

Within you is an infinite ocean,

And at some point, you won’t be able to resist the urge to go for a deep dive.

If you seek after the Divine long enough,

He will sneak up on you, and quickly pull you into herĀ infinite embrace.

Then you will know two things for sure:

One, he has held you in her embrace since the beginning of time, and

Two, she has really been hugging himself.

Your life was never yours.

I metĀ someone very special this morning.

He is the knower, the known, and the Principle by which knowing happens.

She said to tell you that she knows you too, of course.

She knows your true identity (no need to pretend to be someone else),

She knows what you want (and you already have it), and that

She knows you are loved beyond imagining (no need to daydream about this fact).