Kingdom within you

There is a vast emptiness within me that holds the entire Universe.

I see that it is also within you,

Which means that the idea that you and I are human beings is a gross misconception.

We are universe beings. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In every interaction with others, we can choose to engage with the words they speak, with the thoughts formed by their ego-mind, or with the Divine within them.

We always get to choose.

You know it will be one of those special days when, as soon as you wake up, you hear a voice from heaven singing, “Morning, Love.”

You think we haven’t noticed?

We see what’s going on.

You have a glow about you,

Things always working out for your good,

And all the other evidences of a divine conspiracy to help you prosper and inherit heaven.

We’re so happy for you.

P.S. – Since your secret is out, you can start acting normal again.


Stay at home today. Do not go anywhere. You have a majestic kingdom within you. Remind everyone you meet as you travel today.