I created distance

Between us

Thinking it was best

Not seeing that

I suppressed the me

Your presence

Was inviting me to see.

Come closer, please.

I may still

Want to run away

But I will stay,

Loving you

And inviting in more of me.

While walking through the forest, I heard a voice whisper, “Greetings, walking tree.”

What a relief. I was never alone.

If we could manage to expand our concept of family to include all humans, no all of creation,

Then we would walk around kissing trees and dogs,

Saying good morning to the sun and goodnight to the stars.

That is the truth,

All of creation is our family.

Be careful how you judge your inadequacies and shortcomings.

There is coming a time when you will see them, through different eyes, as gifts.

When that time comes, you will know that you are seeing yourself and the world through the eyes of God