Your presence

Pulls back the curtain

That reveals Awareness.

Awareness dissolves

The barriers

That make you other than me.

Now that nothing

Is in our way,


Waking up,

The Earth

Busily cares for all

Even as we sleep.

She tires,

Yet doesn’t complain.

“Will the children

Who are awake

Help the others?”

She wonders.

Yesterday, I looked at you

From my world

And saw you.


Only 10,000 miles away

Invisible and mute.

Can that be,

You so far away from me?

So today, I look as you

From your world

And saw…


I have forgotten myself

Way back there in the distance.

Now, I am traveling back

Back towards that self,

With you,

To see as we see,

Our selves as the world.

The stream of Life


Engulfing the material

And cuts mercilessly through

The spiritual.

What can stand in the path of

Life’s singular purpose of Oneness?

I crawl to the edge

Of our Oneness

And attempt to jump over

Into the stream of individuality,

To live my own Life.

I am not alone.

All around me,

Billions moving as one

Unaware of the edgeless edge ahead

That falls into the single “my own Life.”

I surrender.

For me,

There is no escaping our unity.

Walk gently upon the Earth.

Watch your step, please.

I have countless siblings

Who live low,

Expressing their wisdom

About being grounded.

So, please.

Watch your step.

Walk mindfully.

Thank you!

Look –

Beyond the rhythm of the Self,


Inviting me

To be as it is –

Dancing to its own music

Composed by 10 billion expressions

Of Itself.

Now dance.

The Source of your deepest connection with another,

Is the Infinite Ocean of Love.

Look beneath the connection to get to that Source.

Stay there.

Then your actions will be like drops of water from that Ocean.

There is a circle around you and me that holds the expression of Life, in all its various forms.

Imagine, too, that you are that circle.

You have the space to hold everyone you meet.