infinite God

As long as you look for peace, love and freedom in finite places – material things, ego relationships, social structures – you will remain in bondage.

Only in the Infinite can you know peace, experience Love, and be free.

Infinite One,

How magnificent you are. No, not magnificent.

Simply Absolute!

You embrace the entire universe with just a finger.

All of creation fits in the smallest corner of your Divine Mind.

Infinite One,

How Absolute you are!

No thought,

No hope,

No expectations,

No fears,

No plans,

No needs,

No desires,

No tomorrow,

Only the Infinite One and Now.


I met someone very special this morning.

He is the knower, the known, and the Principle by which knowing happens.

She said to tell you that she knows you too, of course.

She knows your true identity (no need to pretend to be someone else),

She knows what you want (and you already have it), and that

She knows you are loved beyond imagining (no need to daydream about this fact).