If you have ever taken an exit too early, you know not to panic. You will get back on track. What you may not have known is that we borrowed this principle from being in relationship with the Divine.

What does it mean that so many of us have received a different spiritual truth?

I imagine that God wrote the entire human family one love letter. Then She sent a different section of that letter to the different parts of the world.

Why? So that, in our search for the other parts of this letter, the full Truth, we would discover and fall in love with each other – the full Truth. It’s a brilliant plan.

Yes, I know. I have a wild imagination. Guess where I got it from!

We do not find God.

I mean, where did we ever get the idea that She was lost?

But if you insist,

Read less books,

Say less Amens,

And instead love a whole lot more.

Hearing so many groups of people claiming to be God’s favorite is fantastic.

It made me realize that God does have ONE special group of people – People.

Now, we can all be family again.

Welcome to Love nation, where everyone is loved by at least Someone else; where people communicate in various “Love Languages”; where people read, sing, imagine, and sometimes “eat, pray, love”.

It’s a most fascinating place!

Here, on Love nation, people cannot live without Love (and they never will).

Be sure to also experience our unique capital cities while you’re here – the next person you meet.

Please come again!