We do not find God.

I mean, where did we ever get the idea that She was lost?

But if you insist,

Read less books,

Say less Amens,

And instead love a whole lot more.

Hearing so many groups of people claiming to be God’s favorite is fantastic.

It made me realize that God does have ONE special group of people – People.

Now, we can all be family again.

Welcome to Love nation, where everyone is loved by at least Someone else; where people communicate in various “Love Languages”; where people read, sing, imagine, and sometimes “eat, pray, love”.

It’s a most fascinating place!

Here, on Love nation, people cannot live without Love (and they never will).

Be sure to also experience our unique capital cities while you’re here – the next person you meet.

Please come again!

What’s this I heard about you doubting your self?

That is wonderful!

I’ve been waiting for more opportunities to show my power through you.

We would hardly mistake a child for the parent, an instrument for the musician, or a river for an ocean. Yet, sometimes we do.

Thank God! She is so patient with our mistaken associations, knowing that He is our Source and Substance.

Oh, please. Do not pretend like we don’t talk everyday about the important work you are being.

I know you think about it all the time. You’re thinking about it now.

I have also heard from reliable sources that you are happiest, most alive, and prosperous when you practice what we talk about.

Keep it up.

I hope you don’t mind that I think about you all the time, and that I am wherever you are.

I wonder though, do I annoy you with the daily gifts I send? Does it bother you that I make sure all things work out for your good?

I hope all this is still okay with you, because I can’t stop being so crazy about you.

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