God is all



Body sensations.

These things do not change the fact of being, the Infinite Ocean of Love nor my devotion.

In the mind’s domain, ego is the President, mind the advisor, and control the Prime Minister.

In the Divine’s domain, there is only one citizen – Love.

Infinite One,

How magnificent you are. No, not magnificent.

Simply Absolute!

You embrace the entire universe with just a finger.

All of creation fits in the smallest corner of your Divine Mind.

Infinite One,

How Absolute you are!

No thought,

No hope,

No expectations,

No fears,

No plans,

No needs,

No desires,

No tomorrow,

Only the Infinite One and Now.


The Divine is no man.

The Divine is Principle, the Ultimate Principle.

This Principle is Purpose;

Principle is Provision;

Principle is Power;

Principle is Presence.

These are the essential things to understand, to practice.

This life we experience is like a book authored by the Infinite One, about the Infinite One, and read only by the Infinite One.

It’s really just a one ‘person’ show.

Scarcity, evil and suffering exist only until we discover our True Self,

Our True Self only knows abundance, goodness and peace because it is one with God, the All.

Find your Self, experience God and know only abundance.