What is your most prized possession?

What if today you give it away?

Could it possibly help release you from the material world?

Could it liberate you, set you free?

Might it create room for Love and Abundance to abide?

Just wondering.

It is useless trying to protect material things. If you are, you are way too attached. And if someone  wants to take them from you, then you get to be generous.

The only thing worth protecting are your thoughts. And for that, you want to befriend some warriors, and have them stand porter at the entrance of your thoughts.

Being generous opens you up to new and higher experiences. But generosity is not just about a readiness to give more. It is also about a readiness to receive more. Gratitude is the image of generosity.

Generosity is a quality expressed through gratitude.Therefore, do not be stingy with gratitude. When someone demonstrates generosity by giving you something, you express generosity by being grateful.

Receive as much as you give.