finding God

Your body, or anything else that is material, is not a true measure of your capacity.

You have an infinite ocean in your heart,

And a boundless sky in your consciousness.

Sit still, look inside yourself, and Someone will show you what I mean.

If you possess anything, feel fear, or have thoughts then you have a mind.

If you have a mind, then you can find it;

If you can find your mind, then you can control it;

If you can control your mind, then  you can transcend it;

If you can transcend your mind, then you can see God;

If you can see God, then you are free;

If you are free, then there is nothing else.

Close your eyes to open the Mind,

Find solitude to be connected to All,

Take a million steps around the world to be at home,

Sit still to grow,

Keep silent to communicate to the world,

Let everything go to be swept up by Love.

If you haven’t already, start taking diving lessons.

Within you is an infinite ocean,

And at some point, you won’t be able to resist the urge to go for a deep dive.

We all seek Love.

It is as though we come into this world with a built-in homing device made with the singular purpose of finding Love.

We do not find God.

I mean, where did we ever get the idea that She was lost?

But if you insist,

Read less books,

Say less Amens,

And instead love a whole lot more.