emptiness as spiritual practice

A few times a day

I go to the same

Old restaurant – The Cushion

And order the same

Old meal – Emptiness

With some Letting Go

To wash it down.

Well, truth be told

These are the only things

On the menu.

The next time I go dining

I might as well stay

And join the kitchen staff.


I gave in

To being swallowed up

By Emptiness.

I thought It would be

My new home,

But then It spat

Me back out

To be Fullness

In this old world.

I feel at home again.

I am learning to maintain

My empty position of Self as itself.

So, I sit while sitting

And sit while not sitting.

I refuse to get up

From the posture of

The unfolding reality of Life.

The emptiness you discover when you look deep within yourself is the space that holds the entire universe.