Even the Ocean, which sustains life, is not immune to judgments.

People say of the Ocean:

“It’s too dark,”

“It’s too salty,”

“It’s not as pretty as…,”

“It’s a bit smelly,”

“It’s too rough and wavy,”

“It’s too calm,”

And so on.

So, what chance does your body, personality, and ego have?

Forget about judgments.

Be who you are.


The ego is the singular personality that evolves from the integration of the mind, body, and five senses.

Disintegrate these three culprits,

Choose not to interact with their children, no matter how cute they appear,

See the mirage they project in a futile attempt to hide the Self.

Travel beyond the unreality of these three culprits to discover the Self.


Waking up and staying awake are not always easy. Our ego enjoys being asleep because then it gets to think only about its self even if there are others in its dream.

The irony is that choosing to stay awake is a kind of promotion for our ego. It gets to partner with Spirit in demonstrating a level of deep care for others that they only thought possible in their dreams.

In any given moment, we have the opportunity to choose between two stories. We can choose to believe and live Fear’s story. It’s an old predictable story. Our ego is the author of that one.


We can choose to believe and live Love’s story. It is always new, unpredictable, and adventurous. And guess who is the author of that one?