divine truth

What is real?

Constantly ask yourself this question.

The changing nature of things – feelings, thoughts, life situations – prove their futility and unreality.

Find That which does not change. Engage with it. Obey it. And when the time comes, surrender to it.

Then you will know what is Real.

The child you keep seeing in the depths of your heart knows the truth.

Tend to their wound, but then listen to everything they have to say.

That wounded child has an important message for you.

They hold the answers to the grandeur of the Infinite One and all her creation.

They know the path to get you home.

They know that the Divine’s love is infinite.

And as you listen, you discover even a more important Truth.

The Divine is the message, the messenger, the transmission of the message, and the recipient of the message.

Where do you go when you want to remember something? Who do you turn to for answers to life’s deep questions? 

He who reminds and reveals is the real you.