divine substance

What do I desire most…only?

To be with Love, the All.

Love alone sustains me, clothe me, shelters me, feeds me.

It is Love’s thoughts that I think. And Love’s deeds that I perform.

Love’s words I speak. And Love’s life that I live.

Love is All, inside and out.

My heart yearns after Love.

“Look around you. What do you see?”

Only the ocean, the infinite ocean of Love.

“Are you sure that is all you see?”

I’m sure.

“Then, tell me. Can there be a you? Or can there be a you who wants anything, sees anything, experiences anything other than what I want, see, or experience?”

“Look around you. What do you see?”

Imagine God having opening hours, or cut-off points for his love, goodness, and abundance.

Seems impossible, right?

So then stop thinking (Period) that you can experience life without love, goodness, and abundance. It is impossible.

What is difficult, but the deceptive practice and belief that we can/should/want to do things on our own, without listening to Spirit?

Are you a reflection of man? Are you dependent upon man? Is another in charge of your life and purpose? Can another take what God has blessed you with? Can you be anything but Spirit’s offspring?

Thank God, no! So stop pretending.

Children always know where the goodies are, even when in a strange place.

I just discovered their secret.

They always expect goodies. And expecting it, they look for it. And looking for it, they find it.

What good reasons to be like a child again!