divine source

“Your journey of a 1,000 miles has already begun. You might very well be on mile 829. Would you dare stop now?”

Who just said that?

What’s this I heard about you doubting your self?

That is wonderful!

I’ve been waiting for more opportunities to show my power through you.

We would hardly mistake a child for the parent, an instrument for the musician, or a river for an ocean. Yet, sometimes we do.

Thank God! She is so patient with our mistaken associations, knowing that He is our Source and Substance.

I heard there is going to be a universal announcement today about you. One spokesangel said its about the extent to which you are abundantly loved and blessed.

Hold on. The spokesangel is on the line: What’s that? Are you sure? Oh, okay. Thank you!

Apparently, its a rebroadcast. If you care to hear it again, turn on your spiritual sense and tune in to the divine channel all day today.