divine mind

Egoic thoughts are like a dam that hinders the flow of the Divine in you.

End those thoughts and resume the flow.

Many experiences along the path to Being are like stepping stones to other richer and deeper experiences.

Do not get attached to any of them.

Do not weep if they seem fleeting.

Remain still.

Yearn after the Divine.

Enter into that perfect consciousness, the Divine Mind.

See the Divine everywhere, and in all.

Love without ceasing and without boundaries.

Then you will surely be in constant union with the Infinite One.


Peace is seeing through the eyes of the Infinite Ocean of Love,

Knowing only what the Divine Mind knows, and

Having all actions come from the flow of the cosmic breath.

The Divine has opened the door to his Infinite Mind and allowed me access,

While at the same time, she has taken up residence in my house.

It is the new model of shared accommodation.

Your expression of Love towards the Self and others is the remedy that cures all ills.

Fill the mind with thoughts of Love and there can be no space for pain, doubt, or any form of evil.

No body when submerged in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

No mind when contemplating on the Divine Mind.

No action when united with the Creator.

No words during the utterance of Om.

No one else when God is here.