divine love

The child you keep seeing in the depths of your heart knows the truth.

Tend to their wound, but then listen to everything they have to say.

That wounded child has an important message for you.

They hold the answers to the grandeur of the Infinite One and all her creation.

They know the path to get you home.

They know that the Divine’s love is infinite.

And as you listen, you discover even a more important Truth.

The Divine is the message, the messenger, the transmission of the message, and the recipient of the message.

Divine Principle, you have blessed me, inhabited me, taken me over completely;

Not to be a “me,” but to be you, through and through.

You are my purpose.

There is only being you.

You might want to be a bit more careful about how you move around.

You have an infinite ocean of Love within you.

And some people do mind getting wet.

Maybe, try sporadic sprinkles at first.

If that proves impossible for you, sit still. Be calm.

Divers and swimmers will come.

They will leave happy, dripping Love drops from the ocean.

Imagine God having opening hours, or cut-off points for his love, goodness, and abundance.

Seems impossible, right?

So then stop thinking (Period) that you can experience life without love, goodness, and abundance. It is impossible.

God played me good.

I was convinced that I was his favorite.

Then I caught him telling seven billion other people that they were his favorite. The worst part is that he knows that I won’t leave him.

He still has my heart.

There comes a time when we all must submit to Love’s sufficiency. Until then, let’s pretend that we already have.