Take a tour of the structures of your consciousness, of your being

It’s your house, after all.

It is wise to know

What’s inside

And what it’s made of.

Otherwise, you might be robbed

Or host unwelcome guests

Without even knowing it.

Thoughts in the mind are like fake warriors, led by a general called ego, on their way to an illusory battle called my life happening at an illusive time called the future.

Avoid the false.

Realize the real.

The day spoke to me while it was still waking up.

It said to tell you, “I am going to be absolutely perfect. So be ready!”



Body sensations.

These things do not change the fact of being, the Infinite Ocean of Love nor my devotion.

What is real?

Constantly ask yourself this question.

The changing nature of things – feelings, thoughts, life situations – prove their futility and unreality.

Find That which does not change. Engage with it. Obey it. And when the time comes, surrender to it.

Then you will know what is Real.

To constantly know what is real from what is not is the path to liberation.

Then you see there is nothing to hold onto, and

No need to hold onto anything.