You are incredibly courageous.

Despite everything, you are still here, choosing to give Life your best.

In the midst of suffering, we find hope.

With hope, we find the courage to be our highest selves:

We comfort. We heal. We shine love in the darkest places.

Then we discover, suffering is the invitation for Love to do its greatest work.

When we are in transition, all kinds of unusual things will happen. We will cry, laugh, laugh and cry, tremble in fear, and discover just how courageous we are.

P.S. – Watch out, too, for those midnight visits. God will send dreams, people, ideas at crazy hours to show us the way.

I heard you talking in your sleep last night, during those moments when Spirit has your full attention. Without all the ‘noise’.

You said something like, “Not giving in to fear anymore. I promise!”

Then the Other voice said, “Good for you! Give in to Love instead.”


P.S. – Sorry for eavesdropping, but I thought that you should know what you two talked about last night. It was not a dream.