“Your journey of a 1,000 miles has already begun. You might very well be on mile 829. Would you dare stop now?”

Who just said that?

You know it will be one of those special days when, as soon as you wake up, you hear a voice from heaven singing, “Morning, Love.”

We do not find God.

I mean, where did we ever get the idea that She was lost?

But if you insist,

Read less books,

Say less Amens,

And instead love a whole lot more.

When you rewind the mind’s tape to watch the past, be aware of who is behind the camera. Notice that She still follows you around.

I saw who’s been staying over at your place a lot lately.

How blessed you are to wake up to that glorious presence everyday!

I should warn you though, He sleeps around. A lot. 7 billion and counting.