How is it that I can understand when the French woman explains the menu;

When the Spanish man tells me where to go; 

And when the Danish couple talk about their children; 

All in their own language;

Yet we misunderstand each other when we both ask for love and compassion, in plain English?

For breakfast this morning, try some good company. Feel free to add some bread with a little berry jam and tea. 

Would you join a queue that goes for blocks only to buy the most delicious cupcakes? If not cupcakes, then what would you willingly join a queue for, no matter its length? The latest iPhone, U2, or the NBA Finals?

We stand in line for things that we really like and enjoy – for things that are important to us.

Then, let us form a Love queue that circles the entire planet. What is better than expressing and experiencing love? Certainly, not cupcakes.