camino de santiago

The truth about all destinations is that they are never really the destination. 

Destinations are a part of the journey. That means that when you get there, wherever “there” is, you still have further to go. 

Still, enjoy the break. Rest. Celebrate. And then move on to the next destination. 

Is it terrible that one prefers trees to buildings;

A dirt path to a smooth paved road; 

Climbing a mountain to traversing the plane; 

Silence to speaking; 

Both the sun and the rain; 

Holding your hands to walking alone; 

Sleeping to eating; 

Small villages to developed cities; 

Zen and praying; 

Us and me? 

Tell me, is that all so terrible? 

This morning, I heard the earth whispering its wisdom to my feet again.

Those two have been going at it for days now.

They have become very good friends as they both carry me along the Camino. I’m not concerned about their budding friendship. Really.

I just wonder when some of that wisdom will get to my head. It’s taking a while to get here.

Did it stop at my knees? Got captured by my heart? Or, did it disappear with my…Ahem? 

I guess I just have to




Hopefully some wisdom will eventually make its way pass my heart.