Being love

Love is a natural quality of man as heat is to fire.

One difference is that we sometimes pretend to be cold.

As of today, no more pretending.

You might want to be a bit more careful about how you move around.

You have an infinite ocean of Love within you.

And some people do mind getting wet.

Maybe, try sporadic sprinkles at first.

If that proves impossible for you, sit still. Be calm.

Divers and swimmers will come.

They will leave happy, dripping Love drops from the ocean.

“You say you love me, but I am Love itself. Best you say, ‘I am being You.’ Then you get to witness and share in all the loving that I am being. All the time. Everywhere. With Everyone.

One other thing.

Those moments when you feel as though it is impossible for you to love, remember that you are right, then follow my [Love’s] lead.”