Love, you say?

Well, you know it is love when:

There is no attachment,

There are no expectations,

There is no pain,

There is no fear,

There are no judgments.

And most of all, when you realize that you cannot give yourself credit for something only the Divine is capable of.

Oh, what Love!
What expansive Love!
The weight of It.
The infinitude of It.
The beauty of It.
The Allness of Love.
The satisfaction of Love.
This Love blocked out all else. Nothing can stand in its path; nothing can withstand its power. It is All!
Love simply wants to bring all of creation into its embrace – from the ant to the elephant.
To express this Love to all of creation, there can be no greater work, no greater service.
Oh how grateful I am to have experienced this Love, to have been united with this Love!
What joy, what infinite joy to surrender to Love!

The Divine is no man.

The Divine is Principle, the Ultimate Principle.

This Principle is Purpose;

Principle is Provision;

Principle is Power;

Principle is Presence.

These are the essential things to understand, to practice.

It is now time for re-creation: for Soul Seekers, the Liberated and Liberators to reveal and express radical harmony, our Love Nation, the true Infinite Spiritual nature of man and his at-one-ment with the Infinite One, God, Supreme Principle.

What does this mean for today?

Knowing this truth alone, and meditating on its reality is acting in the appropriate manner.

For now, knowing Reality is the necessary action.