Love is like air.

It is everywhere. It is immeasurable. It is Uncontainable.

And most of all, we are not responsible for it.

Yet, we can deprive ourselves and others from it by thinking that it is absent.

Then we hear a song, see a baby’s face, play with a puppy, smell the sweetest flower, or hear the words, “I love you.”

All those things are saying is, “Look, there Love is. Hear it. See it. Touch it. Smell it. Allow it to fill you up. Allow it to wash all over you over.

And remember to Breathe.”

What is hurt but unrealized expectations.

What are expectations but the mind’s attachments.

What are the mind’s attachments but belief in the false concept of separation.

And what is separation but a lie – the biggest lie ever believed.

Uncover the lie and find Truth peacefully waiting for you.

Then no more hurt.

What is real?

Constantly ask yourself this question.

The changing nature of things – feelings, thoughts, life situations – prove their futility and unreality.

Find That which does not change. Engage with it. Obey it. And when the time comes, surrender to it.

Then you will know what is Real.

There is an end to the practice of meditation, as there is an end to using a map.

The end approaches when you transcend the duality of meditation – the meditator and the object of meditation.

The end is here when the meditator is no more, when only the object of meditation is all that remains.

Love, you say?

Well, you know it is love when:

There is no attachment,

There are no expectations,

There is no pain,

There is no fear,

There are no judgments.

And most of all, when you realize that you cannot give yourself credit for something only the Divine is capable of.

Oh, what Love!
What expansive Love!
The weight of It.
The infinitude of It.
The beauty of It.
The Allness of Love.
The satisfaction of Love.
This Love blocked out all else. Nothing can stand in its path; nothing can withstand its power. It is All!
Love simply wants to bring all of creation into its embrace – from the ant to the elephant.
To express this Love to all of creation, there can be no greater work, no greater service.
Oh how grateful I am to have experienced this Love, to have been united with this Love!
What joy, what infinite joy to surrender to Love!

The Divine is no man.

The Divine is Principle, the Ultimate Principle.

This Principle is Purpose;

Principle is Provision;

Principle is Power;

Principle is Presence.

These are the essential things to understand, to practice.