Monthly Archives: November 2019

I followed

The path to being

To the edge of

The infinite ocean

To the pinnacle of

The cosmic wave

And was born again

As a child of Life and Love.

Now, the path calls

Beyond the edge

Above the pinnacle

And crazy me answered.

Perhaps this time

I’ll meet my grandparents.

Stillness calls me

The way a mother calls

Her children to eat

Something substantial

At the end of

A long day of running around,

Playing in the dirt,

Falling flat,

And just being alive.

“Come. Eat.

Fill yourself up.

And live.”

When some thoughts come

They clog up

Awareness of the

Present moment

And put you to sleep.

Before they return,

Clean out

Your thought pipe

Watch this moment flow

And stay awake.


My teacher reminds me

To go in

Before I go out,

To let go

When embracing all things,

To be still

In my actions,

And just how loud

Silence can be.