Monthly Archives: June 2019




Listening deeply

To the frequency of Life.

Listening until

The listener,

The frequency,

And Life are one.

At sunrise,

I am baptized in the Infinite Ocean of Love.

At midday,

I sit on my cushion and disappear into Emptiness.

By nightfall,

I have climbed the eight limbs

To rest in Shiva’s bosom.

And that’s not the end of it.

No, not the end of it.

Sometimes I am up at midnight,

And if you peek inside the window of my soul,

You will likely see me

Whirling nonstop to the instruments of Love.

The joy of my existence

Is surrendering “my”

And being swallowed up by Love.

Day after day.

And it’s not only me,

Love swallows up all people and all things.

It has an insatiable appetite.

My teacher is the Infinite Ocean of Love.

I have melted away inside my teacher.

When my teacher flows,

I flow;

Remains still,

I am still;

Makes wakes,

I make wakes;

And loves,

I love.

Whatever my teacher does,

I must follow.

Except that doing and following happen as one.

There is no flowing after flowing;

No stillness after stillness;

No making waves after making waves;

And no love after love.

There is only what my teacher does,

Nothing follows.


Life is about

Exposing its purpose.

Just now,

It bumped into me,

Searching for a cause.

It was love at first sight.

There is no doubt,

We were made for each other.

Now, my cause is married

To Life’s purpose.

I went looking for a cause,

Something like a North Star

And lost the solidity of the “I” that wanted it.



A space that housed

A constellation of I’s

Held gracefully by Life’s purpose.



Within myself.

Like entering the deepest depths

Of a tunnel

While facing the one light of many worlds.

Coming to rest,


In a new home that has claimed me as its own

Somewhere between

Seeing the Light

And being embraced by the Dark.

At home now,

In the shadowy depths of the Self.